Everything was ready for the big moment to manufacture the first plastic building brick!

The training was in full swing, the team was very motivated and the cameras were ready.

Everything starts well, the first material is shredded, then the completely unexpected happens!

The extruder that melts the plastic flakes has too little power to push enough plastic into the mold! What a disappointment! Everything was so well thought out, but nobody expected it!

What happened? Apparently the manufacturer installed a too weak engine.

Something like that can happen with a pilot project! You have to reckon with setbacks and we learn a lot. But we wouldn’t be called Trash Waste Solutions if we didn’t find any solutions. We have already worked out these and we very much hope that we can still present the first Plastic Brick in a few weeks!

This work would not be possible without an amazing team work between the teams of Marlon Kamagi and Trash Waste Solutions and the great support of OceanHero

Thank you! Terima kasih