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World Cleanup Day 2020

World Cleanup Day 2020

This year 2020 our NGO, thanks to their motivated and engaged volunteers, was present around the world on different cleanups for the World Cleanup Day organized internationally by We are very proud and happy that distances and...

Meeting with Abfalltaucher Switzerland

Meeting with Abfalltaucher Switzerland

From left: Daniel (Vice President Abfalltaucher), Bruno (Member Abfalltaucher), Markus and Irma (TWS Core Team), Sonja (TWS Volunteer), Barbara (Board Member Abfalltaucher), Patricia (TWS Core Team), Matthias (President Abfalltaucher) On 15 August 2020, Matthias...

Become an official member of Trash Waste Solutions!

Become an official member of Trash Waste Solutions!

Registration Form One of the biggest challenges of todays environment is the pollution by the mountains of waste caused by all of us on a daily basis. A large part of it ends up in the sea. The origin of all life.  In the meantime, we all know the horrific images of...

First General Meeting of our NGO. Büttikon July 11, 2020

First General Meeting of our NGO. Büttikon July 11, 2020

Our first General Meeting has taken place on July 11 at Markus and Irma's home in Büttikon. On place was the Core Team, Markus, Irma, Natalie, Johann and Patricia. Our very active Volunteer and new Member of Trash Waste Solutions, Sonja, participated by Skype. From...

Siladen is Composting and separating Solid Waste! :)

Siladen is Composting and separating Solid Waste! 🙂

Here’s the latest news from our friends at Siladen Resort & Spa. They are now installing a second point for waste segregation on the island. Along with these new bins, Ana proudly displays the first pumpkin to come out of the garden, which was grown by using the...

Thank you Indonesia, see you soon!

Thank you Indonesia, see you soon!

After almost 3 months of stay in Manado and visiting many incredible people and places around the North Sulawesi region, we accomplished our goal. Even because Corona invited us "gently" to go back to Europe two and half weeks earlier than planned, leaving behind a...

FESPO. Zürich 2020

FESPO. Zürich 2020

We are very glad to had the chance to be at the FESPO Festival this year in Zürich. We met a lot of interesting people and also important stakeholders from the Diving Tourism sector in Indonesia. We wanted to thank you all, beacause during the FESPO and the days after...

Starting our State of Progress Blog

Starting our State of Progress Blog

In order to be more transparent and to have a cleaner environment where we can present the progress of our projects in Indonesia, Switzerland and arround the world, we are starting this state of progress blog. We will keep this blog concise and precise. Just for...

Previous and upcoming Events

Jan- FEB


Series of Cleanups in Siladen with support of Ocean Hero

Siladen Island, Bunaken Marine Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia.



Reception and Mounting of the first Plastic Recycling Pilot Plant in Manado with support of Ocean Hero and CELLS

Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia.



Winterthur Bacheggli „Zero Waste“ Marathon

Winterthur, CH.



Yearly Workshop CoreTeam

Oberstalden, CH.



World Clean-Up Day mit Abfalltaucher Schweiz

Vierwaldstättersee, Luzern, Switzerland.



Meeting with / Treffen mit Abfalltaucher Schweiz

Wohlen, CH.



General Meeting / Generalversammlung

Büttikon, CH.



Clean-up with Trash Hero Bunaken

Bunaken Island, Indonesia.