We are very proud and happy to announce OCEAN HERO as our new partner. Ocean Hero will finance us a Precious Plastic machine, to start the first PLASTIC RECYCLING activities in Manado at small scale.

With the recycled plastic, our partners in Manado will create plastic bricks to build houses for the local communities. Thus, the plastic remains in the local economic circle and a new, value-added product is created! 

This project is another important step to achieve our big vision: SILADEN ZERO WASTE ISLAND.
A big thank you to OCEAN HERO, who we very much welcome as our new Partner! 
We hope that in the future we can be good partners and work together in reducing plastic in the ocean!

Vielen Dank Marvin und OceanHero Team!

Irma, Patricia, Natalie, Markus, Johann und alle Freiwillige von Trash Waste Solutions 🙂

*Please visit the website https://oceanhero.today/
And for each search you do with OceanHero you will be supporting projects like ours!