This year 2020 our NGO, thanks to their motivated and engaged volunteers, was present around the world on different cleanups for the World Cleanup Day organized internationally by

We are very proud and happy that distances and cultures are no frontiers for us, but instead a motivation to make a big difference, all together! Thank you all!

  • *Switzerland, Luzern: TWS as Co-Organizer together with other NGOs, coordinated by our volunteer Sonja Büsser and Founder Patricia Stöckli. TWS Members present: Markus Kurath, Patricia Stöckli, Sonja Büsser, Natalie Blanc, Johann Blanc
  • *Indonesia, Siladen Island: Organized by Trash Waste Solutions together with our Partner Siladen SPA Resort, Ana and Miguel, together with Jesica and Kids from Bunaken TH NGO made a beach cleanup and also an underwater cleanup in front of the island.
  • *Indonesia, Nanas Island: Official WCD Organized by TWS Volunteer, Rio Zee. 2 Cleanups organized, morning and afternoon.
  • India, Manali (Himalayas): Supported by our Volunteer Chris Koski

Also Thanks to all our partners and friends that took action this week independently:

  • *Waste Bank, Manado Indonesia
  • *Sea Soldiers Bangka + Coral Eye Resort, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Manengkel Solidaritas, Bunaken Marine Park
  • *Celebes Divers, Siladen, Indonesia

* The Waste Collected on these locations was classified and segregated and all materials that where able to be recycled where send to a Waste Bank or a Recycling Point, the non-recyclable where correctly disposed, far away from nature.

Here some pictures and videos from the diferent cleanups:

Luzern, Switzerland

Siladen, Bunaken Marine Park, Indonesia

Nanas Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Manali, India (Himalayas)

Video, Luzern Cleanup Day