We’ve done it! With the donations of many of you! The third clean up has been successfully  accomplished on Siladen island! We are very thankful to all supporters. Together we make a difference for the environment and the local people!

We couldn’t do it without:

Teddy and Riri  – our local organizers who did a great job!

The cooperation of Ana from Siladen Resort & Spa https://www.siladen.com/ and Olivier from Celebes Divers https://celebesdivers.com/

30 local people who cleaned up (receive a daily wage and lunch)

Ocean Hero, our partner and financial supporter https://oceanhero.today/

Amelia, Waste Bank Manado who picked up the trash bags by boat

Vendy Rinaldy and Noval Johassan – photo- and videographer

What has been accomplished:

A big part of the island has been cleaned up

118 bags of trash have been sorted and filled with PET, glass, metal, hard plastic and non-recyable trash

The recyclable trash goes to the Waste Bank, the hard plastic has been separated and will be used for the “Precious Plastic” recycling machine that will arrive in about one month in Manado

If you like what we do, please support our project with a donation or become a member of our non-profit association: https://trash-waste-solutions.com/en/mitgliedschaft/

What else can you do to address the garbage problem? –>> Reduce, reuse, recycle