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We are a small NGO based in Switzerland, with volunteers and partners around the world who share the same vision. We face the increasing challenges of plastic pollution and the general waste problem in the (underwater) world.


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From incorrectly disposed (plastic) waste and the resulting pollution of the Oceans are posing ever-increasing challenges to our Environment and the Humanity directly concerned. Our vision is to develop and implement solutions to manage this flood of waste and preventit in the future.

Born from a small group of divers, we are now an association of motivated earthlings who are passionate about protecting the oceans and the environment . While diving in Indonesia, we saw first hand the waste pollution and the negative impact on the underwater world and communities.

We are of this convinced that together we can create a clean world for us all.

The problem

Worldwide, a full truckload of plastic currently ends up in the ocean every two minutes.

Why is that a problem?

The waste endangers creatures in the sea and on land because they mistake plastics for food and can die from it. can dieor because it enters the food cycle through fishing, which ultimately means we eat plastics too. Plastic waste has serious and harmful effects on the underwater world, especially on corals, because it sticks to them and can cause diseases.

Another problem is that collected waste is often not disposed of or treated properly, which can produce toxic gases and slag that can harm the Endangering the population and the environment.

Our mission

Our aim is to understand the bigger picture of the problem and get to the root of it. We want to prevent further input of Waste into the environment preventby recycling the waste in a Circular economy recycling. The solutions are to be be planned together with the local population and managed by them financially supported by our NGO in Switzerland.

In the short term we will start easy Begin projects that provide quick , high-impactsolutions . Our project starts in Indonesia, where the beautiful underwater world needs immediate protection.

"Once plastic reaches the ocean, it becomes a global problem - no matter where it comes from. To tackle this pollution, we need to respond globally."

Sir David Attenborough

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