Why become a member of our NGO?

However, without you we will not manage to realize our goals, we need your support! Therefore, today we officially invite you to become an association member of TWS!

What does that mean in concrete terms? 

Co-determination: As an active member of the association, you are entitled to vote, are invited to the annual association meeting and have a say in the direction in which Trash Waste Solutions develops.

Better planning: With your membership fee, you make it possible for us to know today how much money we will have available for future work. 

More resources: Your membership fee increases the overall budget available to TWS. This allows us to afford better tools, mobilize more people and thus achieve more together.

Everyone as they can: At Trash Waste Solutions , everyone participates as they are able. That's why there is a reduced membership rate for students and people on low incomes.

 Why donate?

If you would like to financially support our project in Indonesia, we will use this money to help local people buy, build and manage the first plastic recycling plant in the region. In this way, we can increase the local value of plastic and thus create an economic incentive for the local population not to burn plastic or throw it into the ocean.

Our bank data

Trash Waste Solutions, 5619 Büttikon

Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative, 9001 St. Gallen

IBAN: CH88 8080 8006 9845 7149 9


    Currency: CHF


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