After a year of ups and downs and overcoming different challenges, we are so happy to show what has been accomplished! Watch the video!

No pandemic and even the big distance between Indonesia and Switzerland did not stop the team to continue with the efforts. Thanks to the amazing teamwork between our partner Baciraro Recycle and its CEO Marlon Kamagi, his team and our volunteers Markus and Johann.

This initiative was only possible with the support of the search engine of OceanHero and it's users.

The machine is part of a pilot project. It helps Trash Waste Solutions to better understand the local situation and work out the best solutions in cooperation with local companies to reduce and prevent plastic in the ocean.

This will lead to a concept for a zero waste island. This concept is supposed to be flexible so that it will be adaptable to other islands with different local situations.As part of that concept, a first house built with these plastic bricks is in planning

As the health and safety of the people and sustainability is very important to us, we already have a study about the plastic bricks, that was made by the student and volunteer Marina Seeger in cooperation with a laboratory in Germany, which shows how these bricks can be used in a safe and sustainable way.

To be able to realize our vision and as NGO, we depend on financial support. We work mainly with volunteers and must find institutions, companies and people who are willing to fund our projects and help us to save the ocean. Every donation counts!

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Video Editor: Vendy Rinaldy