One of the biggest challenges of todays environment is the pollution by the mountains of waste caused by all of us on a daily basis. A large part of it ends up in the sea. The origin of all life.  In the meantime, we all know the horrific images of devastated animals and polluted shores. The environment is our livelihood and must be protected! That’s why we stay tuned! We continue to work to develop and implement solutions to minimize waste. Our focus is first and foremost on Indonesia because it is one of the most affected countries. We have already achieved a great deal since our foundation a year ago! Without you, however, we will not be able to achieve our goals, we need your support! However, not everyone can take action themselves, but many still want to do something. That is why today we officially invite you to become a member of Trash Waste Solutions!

What does this mean in concrete terms?

  • Co-determination: As a active member of the association, you are entitled to vote, are invited to the annual association meeting and determine in which direction Trash Waste Solutions is developing.
  • Better predictability: With your membership fee, you can make sure that we already know how much money we will have available for future work. This will make it easier to plan projects and to carry out actions more efficiently.
  • More Ressources: Your membership fee increases the total budget available to Trash Waste Solutions. This will enable us to afford better tools, mobilize more people and thus achieve more together.
  • All as they can: The regular fee for active member is CHF 80 per year, for passive members CHF 60. At Trash Waste Solutions, everyone participates as they can. For students, young people or low earners, there is therefore a reduced membership for CHF 25 per year. 

Become a Trash Waste Solutions member!

Find the Registration Form here: