We have bad news and good news!

The plastic crisis is not getting better yet but at least with the support from companies like OceanHero we can still be active with:

- clean ups- education of the local people

- working out solutions for prevention of the plastic ending into the ocean

The latest Beach Clean Up on Siladen Island, Indonesia, was again organized by the support of Teddy BukunusaDavid and the help of many local people that partially work for our partners Siladen Resort & Spa and Celebes Divers - Onong Resort & Kuda Laut Boutique Dive Resort

Teddy made an educational presentation about the importance of preventing the plastic ending in the ocean and to sort the trash. Even some of their kids were helping which has for sure a good and important impact for their education too. Nobody is too small to be an Ocean Hero!!!

50 people filled 72 big rice bags: with 50 bags of plastic bottles, 2 bags of hard plastic and 20 bags of mixed sachets, diapers etc....

As the trash is already sorted, it will be delivered to our partner Baciraro Recycle in Manado. The hard plastic will be used to produce plastic bricks by our precious plastic recycling machine.

By using the search engine of @oceanhero.today you support our work. But you can also make a donation on this website if you like what we do.

Thanks to all that make events like this Beach Clean Up possible! We couldn't do it without you!

Pictures by Miguel Ribeiro